Your eyes reflect your personality, your individuality, and your style!

At Flutter & Flirt, we believe that the windows to the soul merit high-end treatment. Despi is experienced in crafting and sustaining a look that is natural, professional, and elegant. We know that your eyes are more than just a footnote to your overall demeanor—they define it in a powerful way. Whether you wish to exude glamour or demure, we can help you achieve the look that is right for you.

We provide silk, mink, and synthetic extensions to augment and amplify the effect of your own natural eyelashes. Using the finest and safest adhesives, we painstakingly apply each extension individually for an appearance of authenticity.

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We look forward to making your eyes sparkle!

eyelash extensions

Top quality eyelash extensions personalized for each individual in desired volume and effect.

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makeup artist

Whether you’re attending a red carpet event or getting married, our makeup services will ensure you look flawless from any angle. We use luxury products to create timeless looks.

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